The Packers Man Cave: Great gift ideas he’ll love!

The best Packers man cave items for the man in your life!

It’s football season and Sundays don’t get much better for the men in your life.  All they want is an afternoon of watching the game from the ultimate Packers Man Cave. What better gift for the Man of the House than to outfit the man cave within his castle?

Green Bay Packers Beer Tap Handle

A keg is essential for every man cave.  If his Packers man cave has a keg, he’ll need this Packers tap handle.  Perfect for all size taps!

Packers Shot Glasses – 2 pack

Celebrating a Packers victory calls for a toast! Grab your favorite shot and toss it back in these Packers shot glasses! They come in a set of two so Dad can share with Mom (or his favorite football buddy!)

NFL Wine Glasses – 2 pack

We’re in love with chilly Fall nights, they’re perfect to watch the Packers play.  ow your guy can relax with a glass of wine in these Packers wine glasses!

Packers Beer Pint Glasses – 2 pack

Sunday is great time for the men in your life to kick back a few beers on a on Sunday.  Who can blame them? Pour his favorite brew into these Packers pint glasses.

NFL Green Bay Packers Pitcher (60-ounce)

What’s left to get him? He needs a pitcher, of course! Complete his beer serving gear with this glass Packers pitcher, featuring the logos on both sides. He’ll love it because he’ll never have to miss a game winning play to top off his beer again!

Need a few more Packers man cave ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Packers Swivel Bar Stool

No Packers man cave is complete without Packers bar stools. With a 360-degree turn option and plush (try 3.5in. thick plush) cushion, he and company will be sitting like royalty during the game!

Green Bay Packers Rice Paper Lamp

For the guy who likes a little International inspired flavor to his Packers Man Cave, this lamp is perfect! This Packers rice paper lamp expands to a Ball Shape, filling the dimmest of rooms with light. Did we mention this product is Limited Edition and Hard to Find?

We’re not done quite yet, here’s the rest of the best Packers man cave gifts for the man in your life

Green Bay Packers Glass Table Lamp

When one thinks stained glass, they don’t generally think NFL. At least we don’t. This 14-inch Packers table lamp beauty features decorative  glass designs on four panels. It’s sure to add character to any Packers man cave!

Packers Man Cave Aaron Rodgers Wall Decal

We won’t lie this decal of Aaron might have you doing a double take. The image of Rodgers, caught up in the heat of the game, is so realistic that you might think the game is taking place right in his Packers Man Cave! Best part this item will not damage paint or other smooth surfaces!

Buying for a Packers man cave depends on a lot of factors like: What does he like? What kind of guy is he? This list has several ideas that will suit his space, regardless of size!